Monday, August 23, 2010

entering Armenia

I came to Armenia with my online e-visa, not really believing that it will be accepted at passport control desk. I paid for it extra 10USD and duration was only 21 days (instead of regular 120 for visa issued at consulate or at the airport).
There were tens of people in front of passport control. It looked like 2-3 planes arriving at the same time early in the morning (it was around 4:30, I guess). Lane bands were almost useless - people were crowding, squeezing, trying to sneak below bands, just to be first. Foreigners could be easily recognized in the crowd - a bit shocked and surprised every time someone appeared out of nowhere just in front of them in the queue, behaving like being there from the very beginning. One Armenian protested when another Armenian tried to sneak through and after short and emotional exchange of opinions they started to poke each other.
I finally reached passport control and officer started carefully examine my visa and passport. It took longer than in case of other passengers, so I started to feel a bit uncomfortable. But finally he stamped my passport, entered all data into computer and wrote on the piece of paper in front of him: “Poland - 1”. (local statistics seems to be still paper-based :) ). I officially entered Armenia.

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