Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kung-fu show in Red Theatre in Beijing, China

"The Legend of Kung Fu" is one of the most popular productions of Red Theatre. It has been recognized the best martial arts dance production in China in 2005. After 4 years performance is still attractive for tourists and local people - hall is almost full every day.

I've been surprised to see during the performance not only martial art and a bit of acrobatics, but also nice choreography (including excellent ballet scene), good scenography, lights and music. Shortly speaking - well done theatre production.
Second surprise was related to age of actors/ performers. There is a group of very young boys showing incredible flexibility, energy, and balance, and excellent kung-fu skills. I suppose they started training at the age of 5 or less. There is even special training center - Beijing Shaolin Martial Arts School - that is focused on this kind of education. Students and graduates of this school participated in Beijing Olympics 2008 opening ceremony.

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